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Hello, Guests and Friends! We are trusting that this newsletter finds you well. Looking back on 2021, we remember it as the "Dry Smokey Year". In the 23 years we have made Sunset Bay our home, the past year was one of the driest. The lake level dropped almost a foot. That’s very unusual since the dam on McKeown Lake regulates our levels. Fishing was steady all summer. Bass fishing was outstanding! Large mouth bass are really making a comeback on Baby Lake. The kids were having a blast catching them off the docks. After Labor Day, we got rain and our water levels came back up. The levels look good for this summer with the snowfall we have had this winter. 

Because everything was so dry, we thought we wouldn't have much leaf color this fall. Nature didn't disappoint! We were in a pocket of beauty as the colors turned. It was quite a show! Our grouse hunters did really good this year. Grouse and woodcock numbers were up from previous years. Deer hunting overall in the area was not good. At the Resort, our guys got a few deer, but had to put in more work than normal. Why? We are not sure. Last year, there was a pretty heavy harvest. That definitely could have impacted the numbers this year. Wolf predation was also high. We have some of our favorite deer that made it through the hunting season. We have shared some videos on facebook of the deer and other wildlife on the Resort.


We are looking forward to this coming summer. We are excited to bring back our most loved activities. Campfires, ladies’ craft, kid's movie night, and pontoon cruises are on the weekly schedule. Our water trampoline was a big hit last summer! We will be adding another fun addition to it for 2022. Blankets and pillows are out of storage for your use. 


We are busy with renovations at the resort. Cabin #3, #5, and #13 are getting improvements. We will add more new mattresses in cabins, and paint, paint, paint! Our boats are getting facelifts. We have added a fully rigged fishing boat to our rentals...90hp motor with a live well, trolling motor, and fish finder.


Exciting news! We have added a new rental, our main house, The Lodge. It’s a year round, 4 bedroom cabin that sleeps 12! The Lodge has a large fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, dishwasher, jacuzzi bath tub, and fireplace. It’s steps away from the beach and docks. A great place for a family reunion, retreats, girl's weekend, snowmobile trip, and holiday getaway. Consider booking "The Lodge”.


Our office is no longer in "The Lodge". When you come this summer, look for the office signs to find us!


We are looking forward to seeing you this summer! Our availabilities will be posted on our web site. Email us if you have any questions or check current availabilities.


We have a new email! Please change our email to:


See you soon at Sunset Bay,

Arne & Penny Regier

Jamin, Sarah, Libby, Gideon, AuriAnna, & Abigail Hacker

Winners of the Catch and Release

Brag Board Drawing


Sarah Grasmon - 21 inch Small Mouth Bennett Evelsizer - 19 inch Small Mouth Larry Schulze - 18 1/2 inch Large Mouth


Our resort encourages "Catch and Release”. When you release a fish and put it onto the "Brag Board”, you are entered into a drawing. 3 people are drawn for $50 off of their next stay or $50 Cash.

Ladies Craft


Gideon & AuriAnna Announce 2022 Summer Fishing Tournament Details Announced when you arrive!


Lead poisons loons when they swallow lead tackle that anglers have lost. One lead sinker will kill a loon. One-in-five loons die a slow and painful death of lead poisoning from fishing tackle. And it's not just loons. Lead poisons eagles, swans, and even some mammals as well.

Loons eat a fish with ingested or attached tackle.

Loons grab your bait or fish from your fishing line.

They scoop up lead sinkers at the bottom of lake when gathering pebbles to aid in their digestion.


Anglers can choose lead-free materials when shopping for fishing tackle. Lead-free alternatives are available, and perform as well as traditional tackle. There will be a lead warning on the packaging of fishing tackle.

You can:

Find lead-free fishing tackle.

Don't throw old fishing gear into the water or shore.

Properly dispose of unwanted lead tackle at your local household hazardous waste collection site.

Don't put a lead sinker in your mouth. Use pliers to attach sinkers to your fishing line.

Wash your hands after handling lead sinkers or cleaning out your tackle box.

Spread the word. Tell your friends about the problem. Encourage them to switch to lead-free sinkers and jigs.

Ask your favorite retailers to stock lead-free fishing tackle.

Follow Get the Lead Out on Facebook and Instagram for information on upcoming events.


Contact: Email for more information. Get the Lead Out is an educational program to protect and restore the population of common loons in Minnesota by reducing their exposure to lead-based fishing tackle. This outreach effort will run from 2020 to 2023.

Libby’s Sweet Treats


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Chocolate Chip Cookies Cinnamon Rolls Hot Chocolate Bombs

Gather your 2021 photos! Our 3rd Annual Sunset Bay Photography Contest is coming up in March! Submit your photos to:


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Consider visiting us in the spring, fall, or winter! All our summer guests will receive an additional 15% off already discounted off season rates.

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